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Default Can I announce my new snake story book here? If so, where?

Hello all,

I just published a humorous, yet informative book about my exploits as an amateur herper during my years in Taiwan (details see here), and I believe that a few members here would like to know about and read it.

Since most websites employ stringent rules about advertising, I thought it good manners to ask in advance what sort of post would be appropriate. Yes, I'd like to sell my book, which would make it a commercial post, but I also wrote the book for the community, i.e., for herpers who like to read such material, which would make my post an info notification as much as an advertisement.

Could someone please let me know what sort of approach would be in synch with your forum rules? For example, would the post linking to the above-mentioned URL be appropriate? And where exactly would I post it here?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hans Breuer
Kuching, Borneo
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