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I too dont change my heatmat, but I do find it generally warmer in the day, either from the room's temperature or because the lights are on so I know she can have whatever temperature she wants. Mine is on 2 floors (because she kept climbing everything) her upstairs is wooden and seems to hold the heat from the lights really well, and she LOVES it up there, she sleeps upstairs unless she shedding because her humid hide is downstairs. I wonder if she likes it so much because its more like the wild - heated by the light but then gets cooler by the time she wants to go to sleep. I would think my temps are wrong but its always around 31 on the heatmat downstairs with a really good gradient, in the evening when she gets up she lies on the heatmat most of the time. Also this way I dont have to tinker round by her other than switching the lights off and on, which might help your one settle in
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