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Question Advice re-Chinese Water Dragon Enclosure

To cut a long story short I have forcibly adopted the CWD I bought my Grand-children for Xmas a few years ago. To be fair to my daughter she did her best following the advice received from what she thought was an expert source.

She recently took the CWD to an expert Herp Vet and with antibiotics and a little bit of help from Vicks "Uggi" now seems much healthier a better colour livelier and is putting on weight, I am feeding her twice a day. In my opinion she had been getting inadequate heat, her enclosure is now warmer and more humid than before. However she is still in the Viv which we were told would do her for life - It is 3 ft long, a two ft high and 1'6 ft wide. (You can imagine my horror when I read last week that a 6x6x4 is recommended - I just cannot do that and must do the best I can with the space available - My son's bedroom was about that size )

I am making her a new enclosure. The full bottom will be a 3ft fish tank filled with water, above that will be her present enclosure opened at the top and then a 3ft long, 2ft wide space above will be closed in to the height of the ceiling. (Do people understand what I mean by that it is an alcove between a wall and the chimney breast in the living room?)

My questions are as follows:-

1. Do people think that would work?

2. If I use bathroom or kitchen paint or outside gloss on the wall part (and ceiling above) would that work or should I line it with polystyrene (I would eventually do a polystyrene 3 d background anyway as I have previously made these with moderate success for my fish tanks)

3. As I am worried she spends too much time in her small enclosure away from the uvb tube I was wondering (this might sound daft) if you can put a very long tube or two shorter ones up the very centre of the enclosure instead of across the top. There will be a uvb tube at the top of the fish tank and the top of the present enclosure and I also plan to get one of the mercury vapour bulbs.

4. Can I use branches from a crab apple tree and an oak tree, how do I disinfect them (I was thinking bleach solution in the bath for 24 hours??)

Any advice and help will be appreciated. Please keep in mind that I am a relative beginner both at keeping reptiles and DIY However I have researched everything there is to find on water dragons on the net and am determined to create the best most natural environment for her with optimum conditions, which is why I decided on the "ground floor" total water base. There are other things I'm still trying to work out in my head so I will have more questions regarding heating, acrylic sheeting etc.

BTW Please don't just say its too small unless you live near by and are prepared to build her a 6x6x4 mansion in your house and allow my grandchildren to visit her twice a week!
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