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Originally Posted by Satahmoo View Post
Hey just joined so saying hi!
I kept corns years ago when I was like 14, been a good while since I had a snake but when my sisters friend showed my his salmon boa I feel in love again
Got my baby Loki a brazilian rainbow boa at 6months mid August this year. He's been a fusy wee bugger since I got him with feeding, went of his food 3wks so I gave him a smaller mouse which worked he refused one last night but took it tonight instead. Hopefully he will come round to the bigger ones again!
He started to get a little wheeze in this time so I added a heat mat and that seems to have cleared up but iv noticed his strength/grip while I'm holding him isn't as strong as it was if you know what I mean. Any ideas?
Iv got a hygrometer coming durning the week as I was worrying it maybe had something to do with the humidity. Where abouts should I place it in the viv for the most accurate reading?
Also he weighs 100g is this ok for his age?
Any tips would be great.

My brb was also a fussy wee lil bugger, but not now she chomps down large rats like there no bodies business, so i wouldn't worry to much. What type of viv she in? If it's to big she may just be really scared, brb are very shy secretive snakes so plenty of hides is a MUST and if its a wee baby, best keeping in a small rub till she is bigger and feeding regular. Another thing to consider is the humidity. Brb need about 70% - 80% and for a baby this is essential, preferably about 80% Give him a spray at least once a day, and or get a moist hide using spagham moss.

In most cases of non-feeding or awkward feeding it's due to slight husbandry issues, so make sure everything is absolutly top notch. If all is 100% then brain the food, i'm sure that'll get her going.

I'm by no means an expert and if you look on the main snakes page there is page after page after page of how to get snakes to eat, just click in the search button at the top.

Hope this helps and good luck with you snakey
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