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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
You need a digital thermometer (and hygrometer actually) the stick on dials are useless, I wouldn't use one in my fridge never mind a viv. You can get them for about six quid on eBay

Do you have a thermostat etc?
going to get a thermostat today hopefully. What do you think of my light/heating idea? I dont really want to put him in a rub since the viv was expensive, if I have to I obviously will though. Yea I know completely useless things iv got a digi thermometer/hygrometer in one coming any day now. The place I got him from said they where a waste of money and not to bother but everything/one else says get one ! I feel bad for Loki iv been a bad mummy should have done far more research and made sure the source was reliable
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