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Don't no if this is of any help to you, don't claim to be an expert just want to let you know how I keep my 3 CWDs and see if I can help any way I can. Currently all 3 of my mine are in a 5foot long by 3.5foot wide by 3.5tall (currently building a custom viv of my own) they have roughly 2/3 dry land which is a mixture of coco husk an orchid bark, with a water pool in the 'cool end' with a wooden ramp for easy of acess an a piece of wood in the middle of the pool which they love to sit and chill on. I Have a shelf running all they way around the top of the dry land with a tree branch for them to climb up but I find only two of them prefer to sit on this shelf and the 3rd prefers to stay on terra firma. I have a digital temperature and humidity gauge sat in the hot end of tank I try and keep the temps as high as possible roughly about 80-90*F I personally found the warmer the better for mine (don't no if this is what most people would go with but trial and error found colours behaviour etc improved with warmer temps???would love to hear different peoples opinion always willing to learn) also try and keep my humidity at 80% or as close as I also use a liquid calcuim suppliment in the water I mist the tank with and also add a little bit to their pool have found this makes their shedding alittle bit easier for them.

Hope this helps am happy for someone else to add or help both of us improve our set ups
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