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Originally Posted by Vizarie View Post
so ive recently brought a leopard gecko 6 days ago and im in need of some clarification on whether or not im keeping everything correctly.

the Viv set up - ive got the temp at 31/32c which i dont change at night, ive got it a hide, water bowl thing, some foliage and a wooden log thing for it to climb about on, the viv is a wooden one with some glass around it, not sure of the size though, but it seems to stay heated well with the heat mat, one side being warm and the other side being cool.

Do you just have the one hide? You should have minimum of 3 (but more is better), one of them should be a moist hide to help with shedding. How are you controlling the temperatures? And how are you measuring the temperatures?

feeding - im feeding it crickets and mealworms, at night time ill feed it around 5-6 small/medium crickets and during the morning ill drop in 3-4 mealworms.

with the food im unsure on how im supposed to keep them both, atm i have a small living food habitat which has the bug gel and the bug grub in and ive kept them in a draw around room temp, and the mealworms in my garage which is pretty cold ( been told not to keep them at room temp as theyll turn into beetles?)

Provide the bugs with some fresh veg (not too much though or it'll get humid and mouldy) - this will increase their nutrient content which is better for your gecko

behavior of the leo at the moment is what i would call normal for a new pet thats just moved, it mainly stays in its hide but over the last day or so its come out abit more, well i say that it mostly pops its head out see's me then either decides its gonna come out or its going back into its hide.

as for yesterday as well it left its hide and layed down infront of it which seemed out of the ordinary, which i would like to know is this normal?

Might just be that he's more comfortable in his new home or that he's found a nice spot heat-wise.

and lastly ive been told something about a moistbox for it, im not sure what that is which if i dont find it on the forum when ive finished writing this, i would greatly appreciate somone posting it here

Moist hide should be a hide that's a bit more enclosed (can be a cricket tub with some air holes and an entrance or your typical exo terra ones). This hide just helps with shedding and also gives your gecko a bit more security (they like to feel quite enclosed and secure).
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