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Originally Posted by Baby_DJ View Post
Is a reptile shed a good idea?
it would be 6ft by 5ft to house the cresties i have now and all spare equipment i have ready to expand

It would be complete with lights and electric sockets and windows so would have the day / night cycle, sort of like a conservatory but built slightly away from the house, what are peoples thoughts on this?

Yes it's a very good idea.
It keeps everything in one place. Saves on the heating bill (when well insulated). stops problems with the rest of the family (using hair sprays, cleaners etc. Stops the rest of the family moaning when the crickets escape.
Possibly not a good point, phobic friends start visiting again.

Just one thing worth considering, if you think you need a 6ft by 5ft shed, what you really need is a 12ft by 6ft shed minimum.

I made mine 30ft by 12ft six years ago and next year I'm extending it by another 10ft.

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