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Originally Posted by jorge666 View Post
It's not IMPERATIVE, just gives the animal a sense of "time" more than anything, if you don't give it a drop give it a warm hide and somewhere on the cooler side to hide and when he/she gets to warm he/she will go bask at the warm side or cool at the cool side if either gets too much, did you look at the link I showed you to my RUB? i just give him a hide over the heat mat and just a pile of damp spaghnum moss at the cool end for him
yea i thought i wrote back to ya lol sorry!!! Im trying to sort the viv out have a proper thermometer/hygrometer coming should arrive today so giving it till Monday and if not right by then hes going in a rub ((just love the way his viv is ))
I was just wondering about the temp, was talking to a fella that didnt drop it and said he did know people dropped it at night to so I thought id ask and see what was right
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