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Originally Posted by Artisan View Post
We got a male great dane puppy about 18months ago and already had a 6 year old un neutered jack russell dog ( we all know how snappy and unforgiving small terriers can be) and at the start they had a few "moments" sorting out who was boss (the jack) nothing major....and they grew to be great friends....the 12 + a half stone dane and this tiny jack.

you never know how its going to go and they might surprise you. our jack has to go the park with a muzzle on coz he will go for any other male dog he sees but was very accepting of a male dog in his own house
That may well be so but my point is that same sex dogs will TEND to be more problematic then getting one of each. Sure they will probably work things out in the end but if one doesn’t want to concede then there could well be some nasty fights along the way . Bitches seem to be the worst for this. If the OP has an eye on a male already then go for it but just take care in how you do things. All I`m saying is that if you’re just considering it and looking, then get a bitch as it will minimize sexual competition and hopefully be more harmonious. That having been said you may still get issues as dogs are individuals .
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