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Originally Posted by Satahmoo View Post
yea i thought i wrote back to ya lol sorry!!! Im trying to sort the viv out have a proper thermometer/hygrometer coming should arrive today so giving it till Monday and if not right by then hes going in a rub ((just love the way his viv is ))
I was just wondering about the temp, was talking to a fella that didnt drop it and said he did know people dropped it at night to so I thought id ask and see what was right
Personally I don't drop my temp either and he is fine, just bought a female for him and she'll be under the same conditions, I keep him at around 29-32c on his hotspot, if it gets to warm they'll move and cool down, so long as they have enough heat to get as warm as they need to be when they need it, they'll pretty much look after themselves
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