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I was new to cresties this year too. I have mine in the largest exo terra 90/45/90 with the compact canopy. A 5% uv bulb on for approx 10 hours a day, and a heat mat on one side of the outside of the exo. It is on a habistat 100watt mat stat. This keeps the viv at about 22 degrees c during the day and drops to about 19 degrees at night. I did have a sun glo bulb in the canopy too, but these keep blowing after only a matter of days - Hagen sent me some from a different batch and they lasted about 3 weeks at best, so now just have the uv bulb. They are all thriving in their big house and have no problem finding their food.

I started out with my 4 babies in a 45/45/60 exo, but moved them upto their current one as they moved about so much - they really do use the whole thing. I have since got another 2 babies now in the old exo viv, and will be waiting until they are a similar size before moving them I with the others in the big house. I obv have the other vivs at the ready in case I need to separate any one from the others etc.
Hope this helps
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