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Just a tip,

Look at the wild data, google up the average weather for isle de pins where the come from, you will find that the average temp is well into the 20s and almost 30 for 4 months of the year with a humidity in the near 80%. average of 7 hours a day of strong sunlight 11 hours of daylight at an index that does not even drop below 5 in the winter, for ref it's an index of 11 today which is the same as the auzzie desert! Check for one source of info.

The thing is these animals have evolved to live in a very harsh environment, very strong sun during the day, huge humidity and in a barren pine forest.

They are well able to deal with high temps, but here's the thing!! Your photo gradient should always match your thermogradient. You should provide good temps and strong lighting but this must be balanced with areas of cool and shade. The animal will then self regulate just as it would in the wild via leaf scatter illumination.

Id be very supprised if this was a temp related condition if the temp is only

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