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Originally Posted by JD918 View Post
Might as well ask on here instead of making a new thread, for substrate, I will be getting some vinyl or lino for my gecko at some point, but was just going to use kitchen roll/paper towels to begin with as I dont have the vinyl/lino yet, was just wondering how thick it should be layed down? ie one paper towel thickness across the whole viv or more?

Picking my lil gecko up tomorrow! Super excited!
Vinyl/Lino is a great choice. Easy to clean and 0 risk of impaction. I myself use slate effect vinyl, to imitate roughly the natural habitat of a Leo.

For the time being it doesn't matter too much about the kitchen roll. One piece, two pieces. The heat will still penetrate. I've never used it but I think those that do layer is slightly in a sort of overlapped fashion to avoid holes.

As long as the heat mat is on a thermostat and your probe is positioned correctly then it shouldn't matter

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