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Monkfield Terranium 24 Inch (Available In Store Only) | Pets at Home

I started Hiss off in a faunarium, but then got angry with the constant wrestling with temps. So I then got the monkfield terranium, perfect for hatchlings. I moved Hiss into the "big boy" vivarium when he hit 1ft, so there was less chance of escape.
The joy with the Monkfield is there is a littlegap where you slip the heat mat in, so the snake is never touching the heat mat. It works really well.
Mars is in the monkwood now, till she's big enough to go in the big girls tank.

I really do rate that tank highly, not found a fault about it truly.

Otherwies, it's getting aRUB, drilling holes in the side/top for air holes, cord holes, etc and going from there.
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