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Originally Posted by piebaldlover View Post
Hey guys
after a smidge of advice
Having just got my 1st royal I was wondering how I approach feeding her?
Ive been informed shes strike feeding one jumbo a week at present and has a slight spider wobble so may have to take it quite close to her to strike ??
I presume I do this using tongs and is it literally a case of holding it near her and she,ll become aware due to the smell and strike ?
Also I have read different things in regards to weather to feed in the viv or in a feeding box the shop I got her from (who I must say are fantastic ) feed in viv ,
sorry to sound silly just wanna be sure as I know they can be fussy at the best of times without me confusing her lmao!!!
Strike feed using tongs. If she has a slight aim problem move the prey slowly and deliberately to give her a better chance of not missing. Try and stay within 8 inches of her head to give her a decent strike range.
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