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Originally Posted by Justi View Post

I have decided to get a bearded dragon and want some advice as to where I should go. Does anyone know of a good place near me?

I would have seen from pictures bearded dragons with orange colour around the neck, this is what I am after.

Should i go for a young one, adult one, male or female??

Any advice would be good!

Amey Zoo is in Bovingdon, near Hemel, is good. Or, look out for one of the shows and get one from there. Or, look on the rehoming section on here, there are loads of beardies going for free or for very cheap and you'll be helping out those dragons by giving a good home. There are youngsters and adults available, personally I'd go for a youngster as part of the enjoyment is raising them. A single male or female would be fine in my opinion, never noticed any major temperament differences between the sexes when they're housed alone. Probs not wise to buy a male/female pair as they'd probably mate and then you'd have eggs/babies to deal with and you'd be giving them away on here!
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