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I'd leave her alone totally, just spot clean/feed and water apart from that and of course checking temps/humidity just forget about her lol sounds harsh I know but a lot of reps dont even eat for the first week because of the stress of the move so atleast she's eating? Its just a case of being patient.. When i got my first beardie I was like 'whys he scared of me!' I was advised what I have just said to you and after 2 weeks he seemed like a totally different animal! I'd also try and feed more crix than mealies, there healthier and also the mealworm have a harder 'shell' so they may be harder to digest. I'm not saying cut them out, just try and give crix more and maybe limit mealies to every other day? I'm not expert on gekos though and someone might come along with better advice for you re feeding but i'd defo give her a wide birth to make her trust you more..

Hope this helps!
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