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Originally Posted by langerspies View Post
I would be trying small to large rat weaners as 50g mice are a pain to get hold of and an adult will need a fair few at a time so it would be better if you could get em on rats. Maybe dip the head in some hot water for 15 secs then dry before offering,will give em something to aim for.
Thats actually a good point, rats of appropriate size will be easier to come across in the future. Seeing as it's a royal though, I would wait until the snake has had a few feeds in it's new home before swapping food items, just in case this stops them feeding. I picked up my male royal in July and he wouldn't feed for me as I'd been offering him rats which my female ate. He didn't eat for some time until I bought him mice, which he recognised as food. This week (Sunday) was only the second time in a row that I had managed to get him to take a rat since I first got him. So I'd be wary of swapping prey items until they are settled as feeding 2/3 mice a week is better than a non feeder. But you are quite right, rats are much much easier to get and it's been knocked around that they are better for the snake.


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