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Originally Posted by lee331 View Post
sorry for my ignorance but what is a leo?
That would be a leopard gecko personally I would go for a snake, as lizards would most likely be a look but don't touch pet for your youngest child whereas with a snake they can stroke them. Corns are great, they were my first snake. Hatchlings will be quite small to start off with so if you're looking for something the children can interact with then an older one may be a good choice. That being said if the kids are just going to watch them then there's no reason to not get a lizard either There are a couple of shows coming up depending on where you are in the country, the Doncaster show on Sunday and the CREAKS show in Kidderminster on the 2nd of December. These are great places to pop along and look at all the different species and chat to breeders to get a good idea of what you might like in the future as well as just being a great day out.


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