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Originally Posted by lee331 View Post

I'm lee and i'm a newbie to this forum. I'm looking to get a new pet as i've had the usual pets throughout my life and want something different. So far i've had cats, dogs, tropical and marine fish tanks, gerbils, hamsters, rats and Giant Land Snails, i also used to help my uncle with his garter snakes.

I'm not sure what to get now. I'm undecided whether to get a beardie, gecko, snake (something small to start with like a corn or garter) or maybe an emperor scorpion.

I have 3 kids (ages 3, 8 & 10) and i want to get them involved as i loved all the animals i've ever had and it's educational for them rather than spending time infront of the TV or playing games on the computer.

I would love a pacman / bullfrog but the wife has said a definite no to any frog (weird, she doesn't mind spiders but wont go near a frog).

I have enough room to house all of the above but not sure what would be best to start with. Just looking for some advice. I usually get a nice bonus from work at christmas so not looking to get something straight away as i want to do as much research before getting something.

Thanks in advance
Firstly welcome lee. All the above are a good place to start the only one i havent is a leo altho i will be looking to change that soon. However if you want the kids involved i would rule out the scorpian. Ive had one she a very tempromental and moody old girl. I took quite a few nips from her. Fortunatly she gave enough warning before she used her stinger so i avioded that one but kids may not. However my recommendation based on personal experiences would be a beardie very lively, very friendly and to be fair even in the incredibly rare circumstance that they wanted to cause harm they arent really capable of it. My nephewd love coming round to my house to see the zoo but most of the animals they will steer well clear of but they love the beardy and he can come out and i just leave him to run around the house for a couple of hours great character fantastic temperament very hardy and once youve got the set up sorted very easy to care for.
Good luck whatever your endeavour
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