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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
I enjoy shows and Doncaster is one of the best, especially in the new venue.

Prices are generally pretty good, but if that's the only reason you're going, it's probably not worth it, unless you live locally. Factor in travel at 40p per mile and then add on the entrance fee and your local reptile shop can start to look very cheap!

You get fantastic choice, generally very nice animals, helpful breeders and a great atmosphere. I look forward to shows and try to go to up to 5 a year.
Jeffers do you know when the next Donny is? I've always wanted to go to a show and now the OH wants to have a nosey too!
I always said I'd only attend a show if I was looking to buy but this first one we may just have to settle on window-shopping as we have no space Is it worth just going for a look?

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