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Originally Posted by Revobuzz View Post
Most reptile shops will have Beardies, Leos and corns. Why not take your kids and see what excities them. If you want them to be involved in makes sense to involve them from the start.

All the above are good choices for kids to be involved in my opinion.

If your wife is not too keen on the frog idea you might want to check how she is about live crickets in the house chirping away all night and frozen mice in her freezer.
The wife is fine with crickets and mice (she used to hold the rats, gerbils and hamsters we had). I have spare space in the freezer and i do most of the cooking so no problem with her going in the freezer.

There is a good reptile shop in northampton, so i might pop down there with the kids at the weekend and see what they like the most. Our neighbour has 4 corn snakes and they have been round to see them several times. A friend also has loads of exotics and they've seen them a few times too.
i've had all the normal pets (cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, etc). I'm looking at the more exotic pets. I've taken on the kids Giant Land Snails and i'm looking for some other pets.
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