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Default Hi im new here...

Hello Everyone,

My name is Alan. I've been lurking here for quite a while just signed up for an account so i can join the fun.

I've wanted a snake ever since I was about 12 however my Mum would never allow it I'm now 26 (well on the 24th of november I will be.) and I am all moved out living with my lovely wife, who after a year of nagging on my part has finally agreed that I can get my pet snake yay! So I've been researching long and hard and I have spent a lot of time reading and I think I've decided on a royal/ball python (seems like the uk prefer royal and yanks prefer ball?)

So after my research I understand it's not unusual for these guys to go off their food, however every advert I've read always says good feeder etc... So is it something that only effects adult royals? (most of the ads I've read are for CB12 snakes.) or is it always a case of "If my snake is not feeding I'm doing something wrong" or are all these adverts not 100% true or is the whole not eating thing just over hyped on the internet?

This leads me on to my next point how long without food is too long? For instance if I was to get one of these guys and my snake goes off of food when should I start to worry? I watched a breeders video on youtube saying that a particular snake had gone off her food for 4 months! (amazing anything can live that long without eating!) The guy didn't seem particularly bothered about it it was more like a flippant remark.

I think I've also decided on housing the little guy or girl in a RUB at least for a while I know there is the whole viv versus RUB debate but judging from pretty much every video I've watched and post I've read, the overwhelming vibe is RUB>viv for these guys, (I'm not anti viv btw I'd rather have a viv they look nicer lol.) I just want to do what is best for the snake.

The wife works in a bar, and theres a guy she knows that breeds all kinds of exotics. He seems like a really top notch bloke so I might have a polite word and ask if I could borrow one of his royals for a while to see how it would suit me makes more sense than having to re-home something that i can't handle.

Anyway sorry for the wall of text just thought I'd say hi and get a few pointers.


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