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Default Hi

First up Alan welcome to the forum.

I have a royal that I brought as a hatchling and she feeds pretty much all the time. She has on occasion fasted the longest being for around two months, but in general she eats well.

Royals as wth all snakes can go off there food and some can be fussy eaters all their lives, but I think they have a stigma attached to them that they are bad feeders and in general I'm not sure if this is true. You only have to look at all the people that own them, if they are such bad feeders and a hassle they would not be so popular.

They are fairly easy snakes to keep provided they are kept at the right temperature, have hides to shy away etc.

There are many people on this forum who would help if you had any trouble or questions with the husbandry.

Hope this helps
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