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Default Hoehnelii chameleon not eating..!

Hello everybody! Can anyone give me any advice regarding our Hoehnelii chameleon? He's 2 years old, he's been handled daily and raised in a house with other pets. We got him last Saturday, his last owner parted with him reluctantly as she had a new dog whose barking was stressing him out. We got him home and within a couple of days he was relaxed enough to fall asleep on my head, but he has suddenly become quite wary and timid and despite encouragement we do not think he's eaten anything since we got him. HeHe has had 2 poos and is currently shedding. He's generally quite active.I think our cat's eaten most of his crickets so far though she shows no direct interest in the chameleon. He is nonetheless suddenly quite wary of her.

We want to do the best for this gorgeous little chameleon, and of course, all the reading-up in the world can't prepare you for actually owning one..! I'm still in touch with his previous owner and she's recommended spraying him regularly and encouraging him to feed by waving food items at him but we've had no success. Any further advice will be gladly accepted!
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