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Originally Posted by langerspies View Post
All types of snake can be "bad" feeders. If you give a royal/ball( i prefer ball) the right enviroment etc it will feed as it should. Normally when small they will feed with gutso until they get to near adult when a lot of females will fast for a while. Males will fast as adults at breeding time, but it is just what they do, they are not bad feeders you just need to understand them.They can be easily stressed and folk can make them go off their food more by continuously trying different stuff all the time. You just need to be patient with them,let them do their thing all the time they are in good shape and not looking unhealthy.You would be better off getting one a few months or more old and about 300g and an established feeder as some can be a pain when hatchlings.
Thanks for the replies everyone. When you say trying different stuff all the time do you mean moving them around too much messing with their surroundings and stuff? Or do you mean too many changes with diet? Is it just a case of if it aint broke don't try and fix it?

I was definitely thinking somewhere around the 300g mark would be good still plenty of growth to go

And lastly can anyone recommend a good heat mat and thermostat combo for say a 12 litre RUB i want to buy all the bits before I start looking at snakes, I'm the sort of guy if I see one I like I will just buy it then and there! So I want to make sure I have all the bits I need before I start looking.

Many thanks,

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