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Originally Posted by sharpstrain View Post
Hi Alan

Welcome to RFUK - it is an odd place but really useful

Can I just ask why you have decided on a royal ? I know lots of people do and that of course is OK - but there are loads of different snakes out there and I just wondered if you have thought about a variety.

The reason that I am asking is that from your post I suspect you are likely to get and stick to one snake?

Have you looked at male boas (if size is an issue) - great snakes to handled and rarely have feeding problems
Kingsnakes/Milksnakes (lovely colouring and small)

There are so many others - Just worth a look before you finally decide
Oh no I doubt I will get just one lol going to start with one but I will no doubt get many more a boa would be next on my list

I'm actually seriously considering getting into breeding in the long run but that will be some way off lol
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