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Originally Posted by samandcharlotte View Post
hi thanks for all your info ill try your method of feeding soon but at the moment i have no bowl to put mealworms in to feed hes always been feed with feeding tongs. on the snail side what size do you feed him so i can give them a try

You're welcome, a normal small ramakin size bowl is fine, basically anything the mealworms can't climb out of is ok.
Snails I normally feed anything upto around an inch in shell length but it depends on the size of the skink i guess,
best to start small and you'll soon gauge what your's will be able to get into, be sure to quarantine any wild
caught snails just to make sure they don't pass on anything nasty, if he takes to them it may be worth considering
breeding your own in the future so as to avoid any possible contaminants etc.

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