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Exclamation New Beardy keeper!

Hi guys and gals!

I'm brand new to all of this!, so please be gentle and patient!

Basically here's my story etc.

I've just rescued to bearded dragons from a friend who was unable to look after them! (His mother got a big shock when she came home from holiday to find them in his room!) so he owned them for about 2 weeks roughly.. and no previous history as such (apart from one male and one female roughly 18months old)

So I've moved them all in and they are doing just great (or so i hope) basically they seem to be fine and happy!
The male Stitch - (or so i believe him to be male) has a stumpy tail.. bit missing and not sure as to why/how this happened was like it when i got them And he seems to be slightly smaller and weighing less then the female, he also doesn't like being held much?! and I noticed today he got a black beard (but i've read that could be to do with the colours im wearing etc..)

The female Lilo - (again.. or so i believe to be female) is bigger in length and looks to be a generally stunning beardy! Got a nice lime colour to her! (Awesome - pics to follow), she's generally laid back.. doesn't seem to do too much! but eats more than the male? and has first say on what food she wants?

Now, this is the strange part, The male seems to be very hyper.. he likes to run up and down the glass banging his nose sometimes on it, bobbing his head very often! constantly clawing at the glass as if he wants to come out? as soon as the lights go off and i send them to sleep he's find and i dont hear from them until morning! he likes to just "flop" on Lilo constantly climbing on her etc etc even on the ground?

They are both healthy from what i know and can tell both holding their bellies up and both alert and eating and poo'ing well!

Set up

4ft long viv, 2ft wide 2ft high - from what i've read this is plenty? and as much as my space will allow for now! (until i move out in the new year) then they will have atleast a 6-7ft viv..

150W I believe Basking Lamp (may be 100W)

10% UVB UV light

And heat matt for at night but is well covered so they dont burn their bellies!

Temp is about 90F in hot end but thats from a thermometer not a thermostat.
Don't have one for cool end yet.

Substrate is a wood chip as recomended by my local reptile shop! (Lucky to have a dedicated one about 200 metres from my home) but im looking to change to a sand.. as i hate the look of the wood chip stuff! and it's mega hard to spot clean!!

i've got two feed bowls in there for them! just to make sure they both have plenty of chance to eat!

Feeding silent crickets 3 times a week, first day of them today and they went absolutely ape!! haha they knew what they were before i even put them in the viv!

and one water bowl (which they seem to like getting filthy -_- )

My questions

Firstly, Is my viv big enough?

- Are they doing okay (I know its probs too early to tell just yet)
- Are there anything i can do to help make them happier/healthier?
- Is there anything i'm doing wrong?
- Which sand substrate should i get?
- Anything else I need to buy?
- Can someone please please please explain the Thermostat hub things? (the dimmer.. night and day etc etc)

- How can i sex them? to make sure they are male and female.
- Should i split them up?
- Anybody got a good cheap Big Vivarium for sale?

That's about it for now!

If I can think of anything else I'll post it up! p.s any help anybody can give me would be absolutely amazing!

Oh P.S it's pay day Friday.. so thermostats will be bought then along with new UVB as now sure when that went it.. and anything else i need

Lilo in front (Female) Stitch at the back (male)

Viv as good as i could get a pic! - The Viv is a bit battered and dated but it's a good home for now until i find one suitable!

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