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Sadly i'm not able to stack one upon another as that would be too high for my liking and i purely don't have the space to do it safely!

And to be quite honest i really do care for these guys! i know you've all heard it before "yeah i love these things blah blah blah 6 months later.. oh i need to re-home them can anyone help" but I really do want to do what's best for them!

I mean i've read mixed reviews.. male and female etc etc! and to be honest i'm not sure! haha I'd rather keep them both as they are awesome together by the looks of things! but like you say it only takes one thing and they could go nuts at each other! I think i may possibly speak to my local reptile shop, and ask if it's an option to maybe give one up to them if they do start to fight! IF IF IF!! I can't find another option! that is a mega mega last resort!!!

I would honestly like to breed them!! would be cool to see what colours I get out of these guys

In other news!

I've decided im going to try them on Cali Sand! (don't hate me! haha) I really like the reviews for it! at the end of the day, if it was bad for them they wouldn't sell it!, and then that way it stops the feed/water bowls getting messy every time i change them etc.

And i've got the heat matt just as a precaution as my house gets cold during the night! and with them being along an external wall it's generally colder that side of the room anyways!

And can you explain the Habistat please? there are so many different variations/sizes/wattage etc etc! it's all very very confusing stuff!! I just want to know what one i need for a my Heat bulb and UVB.. ha!

And whats the best way to enusre a correct cycle? I leave the lights on for 12 hours wake up at 10am first thing i do is sort Lilo and Stitch , then go to work (late starts!) get home have a little look make sure they are all fine then turn them off at 10pm, put a blanket over the glass to stop any light getting into them to stress them while sleeping etc!

Also I'm purchasing 2 digital thermometers on friday! (one for hot end, one for cold end is that correct?)

And as far as the eggs go thats not a problem, my local reptile shop have already said they will incubate them for me !

Thanks again!
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