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Right you are!

Just waiting for the viv really! and pay day! ha it can not come any sooner!

So the habistat.. what is it? because people have them for their matts etc etc is that right? I'm so confused it's way to late/early in the morning! ha

And im using a tube! and i think it's a 150W heat bulb! but again im not sure what % the UVB is, another reason why i would like to just purchase another to make sure i know its good and proper!

And well what could you suggest? i really like the look of sand.. looks nicer in my opinion! seems easier for the beardies to move around on and hunt their live feed etc!

After writing the about about the habistat.. i think i've answered my own question but to be sure.. that's just a way for me to control how hot the heat bulb gets? -_- damn i'm tired..

And them obviously 2 digi thermometers for either end!

the timers, are they the ones that just plug into the extension lead with the "dial" around it?

and its called Two by Two
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