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Default Newbie preparing for leo ownership

Hi all, 1st post on RFUK

Ive recently purchased a 2nd hand vivexotics 48 x 18 x18 with several accessories, the viv was previously used for 2 beardies so im a little unsure if its got everything I need to keep two leopard geckos

Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated

I currently have:

habistat moon switch
habistat dimming thermostat
arcadia fluorescent lighting controller
42" 12% uvb tube
lucky reptile digital thermometer with 2 probes
exo terra 100w basking spot lamp x 2
exo terra 75w infrared heat lamp
lamp guard currently guarding basking lamp
exo terra dial thermometer
food and water dish
cool and hot hides ( i know ill have to get a moist hide for shedding etc )
cricket feed
cricket dust
calcium supplement
reptiwound healing aid
sand substrate

Im looking to get two adult leos... I'd prefer both females as ive been told by a reptile shop owner near me two males may, if not will fight

Today is the 1st day ive set everything up so I can monitor temperatures ready for getting the geckos this weekend if everything goes to plan

I dont think i'll use the basking spot as I think the infrared bulb will be on 24/7, so i wont have to get additional timers. the fluro tube is on a 12 hour cycle (will i need more daylight time or not? ) Ground temp on the hot side is currently at 30.7,the dimming stat is set to 32 so shouldnt take long to get to temp.. The exo terra dial on the hot side is reading 35??? this is closer to the infrared bulb by about 2 inches.. is this anything to be concerned about? , cool side just above ground level is 24.1, this may go up a little when hot side is up to temperature

Is there any thing that I havent got that is essential to keep leos?? And once again, Any advice or tips will be really appreciated

I will upload some pics soon, got a few things to do this afternoon but will get them uploaded soon as

Looking forward to hearing from you all
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