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Well it's up to you but personally I really wouldn't recommend breeding. If you haven't the space for a second viv to split them up then you definitely won't have space to house the babies, your talking 5 babies per 4x2x2 viv and easily 25 babies plus per clutch, maybe more. Of course you don't have to incubate all the eggs but your still talking at least one other viv. Your priority should really be on separating them before you even consider breeding, one thing at a time, don't attempt to run before you can walk and all that jazz! Keeping a pair together constantly in a situation like yours will not end well. Even experienced keepers can struggle when attempting to cohabit beardies. Some can work in the correct situation (female pairs) with the right setup but yours clearly aren't and keeping them like this will only end badly. Sorry to be blunt but its the honest most likely conclusion.
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