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Default Help! new gecko owner really needs some advice...

Hi there, I really hope someone out there can give me some advice. 4 months ago I bought 2 male leopard geckos from my local pet shop. I made the mistake of not going to a specialist reptile shop because I've since discovered that you can't house adult males together. Anyway, my 2 new geckos were fairly young and were perfectly fine at first. But 4 months later, one gecko has thrived, doubled in size, shedding skin regularly and is fit & healthy but the other gecko is very poorly. He's only shed once, he is very thin, hasn't eaten for the past 4-5 weeks, and now his eyes have completely closed up. I've now spent out on a brand new tank for my poorly gecko so they are no longer living together. Hoping that this will improve his condition. I've offered crickets, mealworms & waxworms but he doesn't eat at all. He only ever leaves his hide to do a poo. I have a hot/cool side with monitored temps.

When I visited the pet shop where I bought them and said that one gecko was so much smaller, they just told me that some geckos are big and some small, just like humans! I'm desperately disappointed that my first venture into keeping lizards has turned out like this. I really don't know if there is much hope left for my poorly gecko and whether it's worth searching to find a reptile vet to take him to.

I would so appreciate any advice than can be given.

Huge thanks in advance
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