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Originally Posted by Mikroberts View Post
you've got more than you need for a leopard gecko lol check the care sheet on this forum so you see what is needed and what you don't a basic set up can be achieved with a heat mat uv light and the 3 hides mentioned. water dish of course substrate is your choice im a firm believer of calci sand ( and wont take criticism on this matter) but what ever you wanna use. a water dish. thermometer the hot side should be 32 deg and cool side 27-28 this is surface area temp. and during the night both temps should lower by 3-4 deg. your food should be gut loaded (crickets fed calcium dust) and dusted with calcium to offer as much suppliments as you can. its your choice but some people like to add a little dish with calcium. best of luck with your little guys
I won't pick up on the calci sand as you have requested, but you don't necessarily NEED a temperature drop at night I have my heat mat on 24-7 with no night-time drop and there have been absolutely no issues in the viv or its inhabitant. Personally, I love lino. It's easily removed, holds heat very well, looks very smart, is safe and wipes clean!
Crickets (or any live food for that matter!) won't eat calcium dust on its own I don't think, but they may eat it if you dust their food with it... but you're right they need dusting (I would strongly advise Repashy Calcium Plus as it contains all the multivitamins they need as well as calcium) and gut loading before being fed to the geckos. This maximises their nutritional content.
I offer calcium in the viv in a bottle cap as well just in case what I am providing is not quite enough... but this is personal choice as you say. I'd rather it was there and never got used, instead of it not being there and it being needed at some time in the future. At present, my girl just likes to finger-paint with hers and drag it across the viv

SleepyD (a member on here) has a great caresheet to look at. You can't go wrong with it!

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