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Originally Posted by ChazzieJo View Post
You'll definitely need to split them up. You could cause the female a lot of damage if the male harasses her with continious mating, not to mention there's a risk of her being egg-bound. The world doesn't need anymore beardie babies right now, rescues and even shops are giving them away for free/ a few quid, because they're currently so overbred. Bearded Dragons are solitary animals, all keeping them together will achieve is two lizards fighting over food/the best basking spot, they don't have the ability to be "lonely" and will thrive on their own. If you can't afford the upkeep of two vivariums or the space, give one away to a good home. The tail could be one of two things, either an injury as a result of a fight (look up on youtube why Beardies shouldn't be kept together and there's some interesting, if not graphic, videos to explain how dangerous it can be) or perhaps even MBD. For ONE Beardie a 4x2x2 is the absolute bare minimum. I'd avoid sand and go for a substrate that isn't "loose", I use slate for mine and it's easy to keep clean and I don't have to worry about my girl swallowing something she shouldn't!
Already up for re-homing! Most difficult thing to do! let alone even think about doing it!

I've had a lot of interest but no confirms from anybody just yet! So still waiting!, and on Friday i may be able to send him to his new home with a new Viv!
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