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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
Some people just like to stir.

Temperatures and setup is a good place to start - explain your setup, details on temperatures, supplements etc.

Unfortunately normal pet shops often have very little knowledge on reptiles (then again some reptile shops aren't that great either).

Ok, you say his eyes have completely closed up, is that because of shed or is there something in his eyes? Without the use of his eyes it'll make it very difficult for him to hunt. If he's pooing, that's a good sign - weird question but what does it look like? Normal or not? Also remember that after moving tanks they tend to go off their food anyway, how long has he been in the new tank?

You can also try critical care formula, syringe feeding him may give him that boost to encourage him to start hunting again.

Well done for separating them but it sounds like time for a vet visit.

My new tank with my poorly gecko is Exo Terra 30x30x45 cm, substrate is sand, thermostat heat pad which is 85F hot and cool side 75F, water bowl, food is always dusted in calcium/vitamin powder. I do at the moment only have 1 hide. My larger tank that my healthy gecko is in has both cool hide & humid hide (with moss).

He's now turned very white, so I'm assuming he's going to shed again soon. He is literally just incredibly thin, especially the tail. His eyes are just shut, there is no mucus around them. There is no signs of injury on him either.

The shop that I purchased them both from, told me they only sold males and they had 1 tank with about 8 geckos in. I'm wondering if he was a weaker gecko to start with anyway.

I know in the long term, keeping them in separate tanks in the best thing, but I feel that I've probably made my poorly gecko's condition worse in the short term by introducing him to a new environment.

Also, I do now have the name of a local reptile vet.

Thank you,
from a very despondent new gecko owner
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