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Originally Posted by hayleyd View Post
Thank you so much for your help and advice it's nice to hear what works for others that is top of my shopping list tomorrow makes it easier to just have to dust with one thing rather than having to swap between the 2.
It is much much easier lol. Don't get me wrong, people use the calcium/Nutrobol combination with success. But it's hard to determine the right amounts to use of what. This takes out all the guess work.

I can't recommend it highly enough. Just a search on this forum of Repashy calcium plus will confirm how good it really is.

If you have any concerns, doubts or worries about your animals health always consult a qualified veterinarian (with the necessary experience).

Nobody can properly diagnose an animal based on descriptions and photos. Especially when those animals, such as reptiles, have a small list of visible symptoms than can be found across a large range of problems.

Always see a vet. Don't let strangers on the internet make you do something you'll regret. They won't take responsibility.
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