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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
She really needs a better UVB, coil bulbs aren't suitable especially for beardies. 12% T5 tubes are the best option. What percentage does she have at the moment?

Without proper UVB she won't be able to synthesise D3, that means any calcium you give her will do nothing - this is the main cause of MBD, and can also cause loss of appetite. Her trying to get as close as she can to the UV bulb is a sign that she's not getting enough, in getting too close she can seriously damage her eyes. I can pretty much guarantee that when you change to T5's you will see a huge change in her.

You can also up your temperatures a few degrees.
I never used UV bulbs with my beardies, although I do use one with my tort.. I assume tubes are better because they go the length of the viv.. Also younger beardies need to get closer to their uv.. When I breed beardies mine would hang just over half way down the viv..

As she seems to spend a lot of time up by the uv bulb then I would expect that she is trying to utilise it as much as possible I would recommend trying a UV tube.


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