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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
Lighting Guide for all Reptiles from Arcadia < This is a really useful resource to help you figure out what you need, if you get confused PM Arcadiajohn on here, he's always helpful

I'm very surprised you say that, it's considered standard care for a beardy to have a high percentage UVB available during the day. Tubes are better because they emit far more UVB and yes, exposure is increased due to the size. T5's are extremely good, emit the most UVB over the longest period and don't emit dangerous UVC as far as I know (unlike any UVB bulbs/tubes from brands like exo terra etc). Hanging the UVB bulb halfway down the viv is considered bad too due to the eye damage and unnatural position (think it causes something like photo-kerato-conjuctivitis)
I meant UV Bulbs not uv tubes lol.. I always used tubes for my beardies babies or older ones.. Whoops I guess that did look like I said I didn't used uv at all.. I was trying to find a pic of how I used to set up my vivs for my babies/juvies.. But they are on the external hard drive and I can't get access to it at the moment.

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