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Originally Posted by MICKRICK View Post
Hi everyone...nice to meet you (Cyber speaking off course)
I know this as been covered sooo many times but I really am at my wits end. I have a 7yr Corn Snake who as not eaten now for about 6 months. I have been to the Repvet who can find nothing wrong with him and there again this week. He was my sons and through bad sheds lost the tip of his tail maybe said it looks fine. Then I sore mites on his mouse..treated him and his viv...sorted. His set up if good ufh mat in glass viv warm hide 30C controlled by therostat and digi thermometer, cool hide is 22C with humidity reading 40% to 50% (sometimes I use moss). He has two water containers, 1 larger for him to soak if required.Nothing as changed enviromentally etc...but he will not eat and as always been so constant. His skin feels quite scaley so I have been letting him soak, which he loves but then feels scaley agin a few days later..could this all be related? Sorry for being so long winded but just trying to paint the full picture...Any help so much appreciated thanks Mick
Hi mick welcome to the forum,

What methods have you tried up to now feeding wise. i.e. how have you offered it/how OFTEN have you offered it?
set up sounds fine with temps at hot end etc. does he have plenty of cover - plastic plants and things to climb on and explore? do you handle him a lot?
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