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Originally Posted by MICKRICK View Post
Hi Artizan, thanks for the reply, i have tried braining, warming putting him in container just with mouse tried chicks. I try every third day but nothing!. He has plenty of shelter and still manages to poo now and again!. I have always handled him most days for 15 mins or so, he is so chilled out! He as plenty of cover also got me baffled! Thanks Mick
Hi mick,

I think the problem here may be either that hes in breeding mode and is looking for a female so has gone off his food or that youre handling while this none eating problem is going on and that youre offereing food too often and its stressing him out.
If its the breeding thing then you will just have to keep trying to feed him - i would say every 2 weeks until his fast is over.
If its not the breeding thing then i would stop handling him at all, only go in to change his water and spot clean etc and dont offer food so often because when snakes are off their food and you keep shoving it under their nose every few days...this can stress them out - which will just make them not want to eat even more...and if youre handling an already stressed snake everyday on top of that then he will carry on refusing.
I would leave him be as said for say a week, offer food in 7 days by your preferred method or the way he liked before he stopped feeding 6 months ago. maybe dip the head of mouse in near boiling water for a few seconds before offering to excite his heat sensors....if he doesnt strike first time-leave in overnight and throw away in morning....try again in 7 days but not any sooner and feed him in his own viv....and dont handle for the week before.
Hopefully this will be enough to settle him and kickstart his eating again aslong as hes not in breeding mode.

Good luck and come back if this doesnt work
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