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Default Beginner Terrarium Questions

Yesterday, I got a 20 gallon tank from my neighbor. He had a spiny tailed lizard in it, named Stevie. He got rid of Stevie and I got the tank.

I have never kept a reptile, and I don't really know where to start (habitat wise). My tank is only 12 inches (30.5 cm) high. Is this tall enough? I want to start out with two anoles (females) and I don't know if this will provide adequate climbing area. I also don't know if this will "cook" the reptile I choose, if the light is to close.

I am also in the dark (pun intended) about lighting. I have looked around and I don't know what watt bulb I need. I also don't know if I need a timer for the lights, or if I can change them manually. Do I need two lamps, or can I change the bulbs back and forth?

Now, what kind of hides, vegetation and bedding will I need? I don't really have any questions on these, as I have not had time to do much research in those areas.

How difficult is it to keep crickets? I don't want to have them all die before I feed them to the lizards. Or is there a "better" food an anole? And what about gut-loading what I choose for food?

How much can I expect to spend on all of this? And how much will it cost to keep them? I understand this site is based on the other side of the pond. Between euros and dollars, and then just the different areas I bet this will be a tricky question.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

EDIT: I forgot about the question of cleaning. How often do I need to change the bedding? And how long before I need to clean everything completely? What is thought of as cleanging? Is it taking everything out and soaking it or something like just wiping off everything? If regular cleaning is simple, how often will I need to do a complete overhaul?

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