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Default Bearded dragon help

I have 2 beardies and I'm getting on really well with them they have separate vivs and are very healthy and growing fast but I have a couple of niggling questions...
1) my oldest beardie now 4 months and I have had him for 2 months is the best beardie so well behaved and we have a really lovely relationship he loves coming out and playing and falling asleep on me however just over the last week he has started to puff his beard and belly up a lot in the day especially the mornings longs I pick him up and stroke him his fine just wondering if this is normal?

2) This morning I had Caesar (the oldest) on my bed because he wanted out of his viv and Buddy was in his viv which is directly opposite my bed (buddy is tiny and is supposed to be 2/3 months) they both started waving at each other really slowly is this normal and what does it mean?

If someone can let me know ASAP that would be amazing! Thank you
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