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1. How can I tell if it is a boy or a girl? I think it's a boy, but I'm not sure.
You'll need to get someone experienced with snakes to either pop or probe it. Based on your second post saying it's a year and a half old, almost certainly going to need probing - most reptile shops will offer this service.

2. What watt lighting should I use? How long should I leave it on, and when should it be on?
Depends on your other heating methods as well. If you are just using it for light, then a small energy saving bulb used during your regular daytime hours should be fine. The problem with bulbs is that the snake can climb on them and potentially could burn themselves, so a light guard is pretty important. The snake doesn't need any light though, so not having one is fine, as long as your temperature is gained through some other way.

3. My snake is digging up the bedding and hiding underneath it. Is this bad?
Nope, that's perfectly normal. Make sure there are two hides in the enclosure as well, one on the hot side, one on the cold side. Some will use the hides, others like to burrow, it's a fairly normal behaviour.

4. Should I feed it 1 mouse a week, or 1 rat per 2 weeks?
I'd stick to whatever the previous owner was feeding it... if the snake is still growing, one food item every 2 weeks sounds a little on the low side, for a growing corn snake I'd still use one appropriately sized food item every 7 days, going up to 10 days as the snake reaches maturity.
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