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Default crixs dead

Hi i am starting to have a problem with the brown crixs i have for my cresties.
I put some in the viv last night and they are dead this morning .They have hydro balls and veg in the cricket keeper which is kept in a warm dry place under the sink had no problems till now.
The only thing that is different is the temp and humidity in the viv last night saw it drop too 17c and 51% (outside hit -2c )thats with a small heat mat 8watt and a 15watt night glow and they were sprayed before i went too sleep. The cresties normal night temp has been around 19c>20c.
I am going too fit another small heat mat 8watt before tonight I have unless someone has any other advice, as need to get this right

I am in process of doing them and getting all the bits for a new viv so help on the cheap and easy for this viv and make sure i have the right stuff in the next one

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