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Originally Posted by mrduff13 View Post
be careful with bright lights because albinos have sensitve eyes,

and ive heard of people using 12% uv with leos, i would suggest a heat matt attatched to the inside of one end of the tank ok the wall, and the uv stip along the top. pluss be careful how old they are, because babys wont be able to find food in a 48inch tank, thats very big for young leos.
The OP has said that they would be looking at adults mate

I'm sure I've read somewhere that because they are crepuscular, leos can utilise much, much less UV in a shorter space of time than a diurnal reptile could because they're typically out when the sun is just going down... perhaps even 5% would be sufficient? Would be an idea to consider if one or both of the adults were albino

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