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i'm no good with crickets myself. They used to stay alive for me but the last 6 lots i bought didn't last long at all even though i've kept them the same way for a few years now so i gave up keeping them around 6 months ago and started breeding turkistan roaches which my crestie (and spiders) absolutely go nuts for. Easy as anything to breed and keep, don't die if temp changes, keep them warm and dry to breed, cool them down a bit when you don't want to be inundated with hatchlings, eat anything and don't die if you forget to give them water for a night or 2. i feed mine crushed dog/cat biscuits/mixed salad leaves/veg etc. The only thing is i put them in a tub for him to eat them in otherwise they run round too fast for him to catch. i got mine from ebay and have always got a steady supply of food
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