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Default Advice on when to change food sizes

Hi guys new here so take it easy on me

I have a 4-5month old ball python female. It is my first snake and before I got her I did extensive research into how to care for her. Reading a lot of advice from here and in a few books. So I am new and still learning!

Now this is my issue. I have been feeding her every 4 days on rat pups. She has never refused to take the food (thankfully) so feeding has never been an issue. In truth she is a lovely snake. I have never seen any form of aggression at all and she is as friendly as friendly get's. Very active and sociable. Very curious about everything! Just perfect.

So I went into the pet shop to collect more food for her when I started talking to the assistant. I asked when I should start thinking about upping the food size. I explained the size and knew that it should roughly be the same width as her belly. His advice was to now go to rat fluffs.
He went off and came back with a pack of 10 rat fluffs. Now these are the first time I have seen them and on first look I thought they looked quite big. I asked was he sure and he said yes.

She had her first feed on the rat fluff yesterday and there were no issues. However have to be honest and say as she was swallowing it it looked as though she was stretched as far as she could go!

Today she came out of her hide and went for some water so I could monitor her and she looked like we probably do after our xmas lunch! Was very slow and jabba the hut esque! So is hard to tell if she is ok really. She wanted to come out so I took a picture quickly.

So really what I want to know is if I am doing the right thing as the jump in size seems quite a bit to me. I don't want to keep feeding her these fluffs if she is not supposed to be on them yet. I have included some photos so you can get a better idea for size but sorry for the quality in them my camera is not great!

Pre-eating fluff

After fluff

And this is the size jump of the food so you know what I mean

So any advice would be great, cheers
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